Shadows & Scars

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Author: T. Jason Vanderlaan
Publication Date: July 9 2013
ISBN/EAN13: 0984138668 / 978-0984138661
Page Count: 182
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White


“We wander through life, searching for belonging and validation. Here in this valley, we are pursued by the shadows of our regrets and haunted by the scars of our past. We are lost, but in seeking, we will find, and in finding, we will be found.”

Shadows & Scars is a messy book. Through poetry, T. Jason Vanderlaan tells a story, but not one that begins in the beginning, or ends at the end. This is about being in the middle, about wandering.  This is about loose ends and unresolved issues and the tension of living in the in-between. All the while, dreams of peace and rest float just out of reach – elusive invitations, like fireflies dancing in the summer night.

Within the framework of searching for belonging and validation, Vanderlaan explores a variety of topics – growing up in a divorced family, falling in love, giving and receiving broken hearts, losing the way and finding regret, the ache of letting go, wrestling with forgiveness and hope and trust. When the dust settles, these frayed ends of family, romance, and spirituality tangle together. The result is in an incomplete yet beautiful display, a portrait of the fearful desire to know and be known, to love and be loved, to seek and find and be found.

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3 reviews for Shadows & Scars

  1. Christina

    Emotions evoked: infuriation, boredom, joy, elation, annoyance, and hope. The hope was my favorite. The author certainly has a gift for imagery and there were moments when I had to linger over the words, just enjoying the picture, rhythm, or play they contained. There were other times when I felt frustrated by the redundancy of discouragement, yelling “Why? Why does it have to be that way?!?” But all I could do was keep reading and waiting, traveling with the wanderer through the pages. After journeying through loves lost, questions unanswered, and fears revealed, the author introduced me to such beauty and promise that held my rapt attention and widened my eyes and heart. Some lines from these poems have emblazoned themselves in my mind and will be carried throughout my journey.

  2. Linda

    T. Jason Vaderlaan sets the standard high as he releases his newest book Shadows & Scars, the sequel to Unspoken Confessions and second in his Darklight series. ( Which if you haven’t read Unspoken Confessions yet, I fully recommend cracking that bad boy up right away! It is by far my favorite out of all of Jason Vanderlaan’s work. ) Anyways, back to his new book! Shadows & Scars is complete with numerous amounts of poetry and well thought out roads as he takes you on a journey of truth. Not many people have the guts to write what they perceive as truth and Jason is one of the few that does and does it well. And while you might be slightly confused as to what the picture on the front cover of this must read, don’t let it stop you from reading it. Just a hint, it’s a skull of a buffalo!. That makes it clearer, doesn’t it?!

    Going on, as you open the book and look throughout it you’ll notice that there are nine sections to this fascinating book and each one portrays a different section of the journey. One of the things I absolutely love about this authors work is the fact that all of his poems in some way fit together as a whole and they complete each other as a puzzle. For example one part of the puzzle is the despair in life, the challenges you face and conquer while the other puzzle pieces come together with the feelings of regret for the mistakes in life and these are followed up by your search for belonging.

    I won’t lie to you so I’ll be honest. I think that his best work remains to be Unspoken Confessions because of the stark, no stopping honesty. Shadows & Scars would come in second but this book is a great way to help you search yourself and figure out what your searching for. Are you searching for the world or someone who can lift you up high and help you face the life you live. There are many things in life you might be searching for but you just don’t know it. So if your looking for a douse of honesty and a great read pick this book up! I can tell you it was worth my time and I hope it’s worth yours.

  3. Laura Raluca Marincu

    Shadows & Scars takes me on a pilgrimage of self-discovery, where the truth emerges from the courage to be free along with the profound honesty of the author’s emotions. A myriad of feelings embraced my mind and reminded me to open my heart.

    I’ll never forget this journey, and I recommend you get your ticket and go on it as well. The cost to the author was great, but joy of discovery for us is greater.

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