Some Lines in Black


“We once drew
some lines in black
and right now it’s about time
we took them back.”

(Project 86 – “Sincerely, Ichabod”)


Let me give you a little bit of background to this moment of brilliant ambiguity. In 2000, Project 86 released their sophomore album, Drawing Black Lines. It was acclaimed by fans for its raw musical style and strong, straightforward moral messages. The two following albums (Truthless Heroes and Songs to Burn Your Bridges By) were much more controversial, however, and left the fan base divided on the direction the band was headed. So when …And the Rest Will Follow was set to be released in 2005, many fans were wondering what the future held. Would Project 86 head back towards Drawing Back Lines or away from it?

That’s when frontman Andrew Schwab penned these delightful first lines to the album opener, “Sincerely, Ichabod.” I remember reading an interview in which Schwab commented on the lyrics, saying something like, “What does it mean? That we’re going back to the stance we took in Drawing Black Lines? Or that we’re taking back the things we said in that album?”

Of course, he didn’t give an answer. In part, I think, because he wanted to let the album speak for itself, but also in part because the answer was not simple enough to be explained so succinctly. I suspect his answer was somewhere in between (or, he was just enjoying messing with us haha).


In this video, I wanted to capture that feeling, spliced with my own writing and living experiences. It has been over seven years since I wrote Unspoken Confessions. I  have a complicated relationship with that book. Each book I’ve written since has climbed upon the shoulders of UC, and I am both grateful and frustrated by this fact. As I’ve been working on this new project, I have been thinking a lot about this, even though the material is completely different on the surface. But underneath… where am I going?

This video is part of my exploration of that question. The imagery just kind of came to me and I put it together, but for now I’m not going to explain it all. Some of it seems straightforward, but even I have been discovering layers of double-meaning as I’ve worked on it. If there is an answer to my question, I’m not sure what it is yet. But I’d thoroughly enjoy hearing your take on what is going on. =)